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Project No. 073 - Alexander Theatre

Monash University Alexander Theatre Redevelopment

53 ton - 1,900 Shop Drawings

Refurbishment of the Alexander Theatre, Monash University.

Beaufield were engaged to shop detail a new cladding support system, new floors and winch and equipment rooms, new roof and tower extension to the Alexander Theatre at Monash University.

The skin and internals of the 50 year old theatre tower were demolished, allowing us to work closely with the survey team who produced state-of-the-art 3D laser scan models to aid in us re-building a virtual Tekla model of the existing, 50 year old, structural skeleton.

3D Laser Survey Scans:

Site photo's - post demolition of original cladding and internals:

Using the original 1960's architectural and engineering drawings along with the 3D scans and site photo's proved invaluable in re-building a new base skeleton model to work from:

Creation of the new Tekla base model from the survey scans, photo's, original documents and site measures:

Once an accurate base model was defined we were able to begin detailing the new internal platforms, winch rooms, equipment landings, outer cladding rails and tower extension posts:

The 3D scan surveys and original engineering drawings were a great asset as the new equipment floors and roof system interfaced within the original columns and roof trusses:

New drawings were created sequenced based on new cladding rails to get the outer skin water tight then lower floors through to upper floors, roof and tower extension posts:

Due to the age and the amount of retained original structure, plus the volume of survey and site-works required, the project had its challenges, however, as we have good relationships with the surveyors and worked closely with the builder from commencement, the project ran smooth and was well recieved.

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